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A Mountain Rides has continued its service with added safety precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In an effort to reduce person-to-person contact amid the COVID-19 outbreak—and protect drivers from potentially sick passengers—the Mountain Rides Transportation Authority has stopped collecting fares.

“Together, we will rise to this challenge and do our parts in keeping our community a safe, healthy and vital place for all,” a board press release stated.

Mountain Rides also prohibited standees on Monday by capping the number of passengers on each bus according to seat capacity, the release stated.

“For example, if a bus has seats for 32, then only up to 32 passengers will be allowed on that bus,” it said. 

To compensate for a possible reduction in available seats, Mountain Rides began running two buses on the northbound leg of the Valley Route on Monday. Due to the shutdown of Sun Valley Resort mountain operations, the Bronze, Gold and Red routes were also discontinued early this week. 

“The Silver Route is still running, but we are monitoring it,” Community Development Director Kim MacPherson said.

Mountain Rides employees have continued to wipe down and disinfect its bus fleet on a regular basis, MacPherson said, targeting high-touch surfaces such as handrails and pull cords. 

“With the utmost of care and concern for the well-being of our passengers, drivers, staff and community, Mountain Rides is taking these extraordinary steps. We are grateful for your understanding, cooperation and support,” the board stated. 

MacPherson added that this coming Monday, March 23, the Blue Route will start running on its spring schedule, and the Hailey and Valley routes will run as scheduled.

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