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Idaho State Police has increased highway patrols to tackle aggressive driving across the state.

Idaho State Police has increased patrols to look for aggressive drivers as part of a statewide education and enforcement campaign. The campaign will last through Feb. 15.

Aggressive driving is a contributing factor in half of all crashes in Idaho and was a factor in more than one-third of all fatality crashes last year, ISP reported.

“If you drive, you’ve seen aggressive driving. Sadly, many of us know someone who’s been in a crash due to aggressive driving,” said Lt. Michael Winans of ISP’s District 5 office in Pocatello. “Whether it’s speeding, red light running or other dangerous behavior, if our enforcement efforts can educate and motivate drivers to avoid driving aggressively, we know lives can be saved.”

Citations will be issued during the campaign, ISP stated.

According to ISP, aggressive driving includes: speeding or driving too fast for conditions; ignoring traffic signals; tailgating; weaving in and out of traffic; improper or abrupt lane changes; passing on a shoulder; making rude hand or facial gestures, or screaming, honking or flashing lights in an aggressive manner.

To report an aggressive driver, find a safe place and call 911, ISP advises. People making a report should provide to the dispatcher their location and a description of the involved vehicle including, if possible, a license plate number.

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