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Idaho now ranks No. 10 in the country for most expensive gas, AAA announced last week.

The state’s average gas price is about $3.04 per gallon, the association reported—45 cents more expensive than in February and 70 cents pricier than this time last year.

That trend may not continue, AAA stated. As of Monday, gas prices had either decreased or remained steady in 45 states.

“Rising pump prices have been a bitter pill for Idaho drivers to swallow, but it’s encouraging that the national average is cheaper week-over-week for the first time since November of last year,” AAA-Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde stated. “While it’s too early to know how strong the fuel demand will be this spring and summer, we’re hopeful that some of the supply-side issues are finally being resolved, which could relieve some of the upward pressure on gas prices.”

Overall, the country’s average gas price is 14 cents higher than it was in February. Though the recent Suez Canal blockage may delay crude oil deliveries in other countries, the United States is unlikely to be affected, according to the AAA.

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