Eccles Flying Hat Ranch by Willy Cook

Previously known as “Halfway Ranch,” Eccles Flying Hat Ranch along state Highway 75 has been used for ranching purposes since 1910. The Eccles Family acquired the land in 1969, according to Friedman Memorial Airport.

Following a closed-door executive session Tuesday evening, the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority board voted unanimously to execute a $15 million purchase-and-sale agreement with the Eccles family for the acquisition of about 386 acres of Eccles Flying Hat Ranch land southeast of the runway.

The board also made a unanimous motion to accept a $13.5 million grant offer from the Federal Aviation Administration—which the airport received last week—to offset about 90% of the cost of the ranch land. The airport board previously voted in April to put $1.5 million in earnest money, or about 10%, toward the acquisition.

Once the sale is finalized, the newly acquired western portion of the Eccles Flying Hat Ranch will remain largely zoned for agricultural use, providing the Hailey airport with approach and departure protection in the event of a crash and barring undesirable or unsafe residential developments around the runway.

Eccles acquisition (copy)

The Friedman Memorial Airport has officially entered into an agreement to buy the western portion of Eccles Flying Hat Ranch, shown here in green.

Possible FBO

A small, 10-acre portion of the 386-acre parcel could host a new private-plane terminal and hangar facilities, shown in purple and green, next to the existing Atlantic Aviation terminal. The remaining 376 acres would remain undeveloped.

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