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Sun Valley’s dorms were quiet amid Blaine County’s “shelter in place” order on Tuesday morning.

Sun Valley Resort is closing one of its employee housing buildings due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, resort spokeswoman Kelli Lusk said Monday.

The resort is working to close the Aspen building, which has a communal-style layout, Lusk said. Employees living in the Aspen building will be moved to the apartment-style Alpine building.

Meanwhile, a letter from the resort sent to an employee on Sunday and shared with the Idaho Mountain Express stated that all seasonal employees, including anyone on a J1 visa, are no longer eligible for employee housing. The letter asked its recipient to prepare to leave the Alpine building no later than Wednesday morning.

Questioned by the Idaho Mountain Express on Monday, Lusk did not address the letter. But, employees who need to remain in housing will be allowed to stay “as we continue to adhere to the Blaine County order to self-isolate,” Lusk said.

“The well-being of our employees is of utmost importance as we respond to the COVID-19 situation,” she said. “The ski, hospitality and tourism industries are all seeking ways to best address early closures and a shortened winter season, which has been impactful on all levels.”

The decision to close the Aspen dorm stemmed from concern about the density of the living situation there in light of a state-issued “shelter in place” order for Blaine County, which went into place Friday night, Lusk said.

The resort has been “working closely with community health officials on their recommendations on social distancing and shelter-in-place policy and their concern about the density of our employee housing,” Lusk said. “We are committed to providing employee housing facilities that afford appropriate social distancing.”

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