Fifth-generation cellular technology—a controversial topic in the Wood River Valley as of late—will be discussed at the next Sun Valley City Council meeting on Thursday, March 5.

At the forefront of the “Stop 5G in 5B” movement is Hailey resident Michelle Pabarcius, who attended the most recent council meeting on Feb. 6 to express concern over the spread of fifth-generation, or 5G, cell towers.

“Humans are creating environments that are literally out of tune with nature itself,” she said. “There’s an urgent need for us to understand how everything alive responds to the most subtle of changes in the electromagnetic fields that surround us.”

Pabarcius said 5G, which uses nonionizing millimeter waves to transmit data, has similarities to harmful military-grade technology.

“If you allow 5G, you are going to be killing all that we’ve come to enjoy here,” she told the council. “I’d like us to leave a better legacy.”

Pabarcius’ mother, Cheryl Hymas, also spoke out against the technology on Thursday.

“I’m asking you, begging you, to please put a moratorium [on 5G] so your workers and administrators can say ‘no’ when AT&T knocks on their door,” she said.

Councilman Keith Saks said Pabarcius’ and Hymas’ concerns were worth looking into.

“I think it would be wise to get a legal opinion as to what we can do to restrict 5G, if we were so inclined,” he said.

Councilman Brad DuFur agreed.

In other Sun Valley news:

  • Planning and Zoning Commissioners Sherri Newland and John O’Connor were reappointed to the board on Jan. 6 after their terms expired that day. They have served as P&Z members since 2016. Newland, a project engineer, has presided over several city-improvement projects and has served as communications officer for the city’s Road and Path bond program, which began in 2017.

  • Also on Thursday, council President Michelle Griffith and Councilman DuFur were reassigned as ex-officio members of Fly Sun Valley Alliance and Sun Valley Economic Development, respectively, meaning each will sit on the nonprofit boards as nonvoting members.

  • Sun Valley Community Development Director Bryce Ternet was reappointed Thursday as a board member of the Blaine County Regional Transportation Committee and as a liaison to the Sun Valley Water and Sewer District. Ternet’s, Griffith’s and DuFur’s board positions all expired on Jan. 1.

  • Sun Valley has yet to nominate a Blaine County Housing Authority representative to the Blaine County commissioners, who will act on the nomination.

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