After a short holiday break, construction on road projects in the city of Sun Valley has been in full swing this week.

Crews suspended work for the Fourth of July holiday, but have resumed projects on Elkhorn Road and path, Parker Gulch Road, Syringa Road, Independence Creek Road, Defiance Road, Fireweed Road, Horseshoe Road and Blue Grouse Road.

In its email newsletter, the city alerted residents to the following traffic impacts:

  • On Parker Gulch, Syringa, Independence Creek, Defiance and Fireweed, a flagger and/or a pilot car will direct drivers through the construction zones. The roads will stay open.

  • Flaggers and/or pilot cars will help drivers navigate through the Juniper Road construction zone, as the road will remain open to traffic.

  • Flaggers will remain on Elkhorn Road from South Village Way to Morning Star, Horseshoe and Blue Grouse roads, directing traffic around the construction zones. The road will remain open to traffic.

The construction projects will continue through September. The Elkhorn Road and pathway project is set to wrap up in July, while the projects in the Twin Creeks-Juniper Road area will be finished in August. In the Morning Star area, the projects should be completed by mid-September. The Fairway Road area projects will also be finished in mid-September.

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