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The city of Sun Valley plans to resurface the public path along Sun Valley Road—between Ketchum and Saddle Road—as part of its projects this year funded by a $17.5 million bond measure approved in 2017.

The city of Sun Valley is preparing to do additional work on roads and paths later this year.

Sun Valley is in the fourth year of a five-year program to improve city roads and its vast network of paved paths, funded by a $17.5 million bond measure approved by voters in 2017.

Major projects planned for this year include milling and resurfacing the bike and pedestrian path along Sun Valley Road between Ketchum and the Saddle Road intersection, as well as reconstructing and reconfiguring the four-way intersection of Elkhorn Road, Dollar Road, Old Dollar Road and Fairway Road, in front of City Hall.

Smaller projects scheduled for this year include milling and resurfacing Fairway Loop—off Fairway Road—and adding a protective sealant to roads and paths resurfaced over the last two years. The sealant work—intended to create a smooth, longer-lasting surface—includes segments of Elkhorn Road and some roads in the neighborhoods of Elkhorn.

The work for this year will cost about $4 million, Mayor Peter Hendricks said this week.

The reconstruction of the intersection in front of City Hall is the biggest project planned for this year, Hendricks said.

The biggest change will be moving the entrance to City Hall from the east side of Elkhorn Road around the corner to Fairway Road, project manager Betsy Roberts said. The project will also include a small adjustment to properly align Elkhorn and Old Dollar roads, which are slightly offset. It also includes plans to construct a small diversion “island” where Elkhorn Road meets the intersection “to help line up and direct vehicles” headed in different directions, Roberts said.

The project also calls for repaving the City Hall parking lot and adding new landscaping to the area.

In a separate road project not included in the bond program, the city is awaiting final approval of a plan for the Idaho Transportation Department to delegate ownership of 3.6 miles of Sun Valley Road—from state Highway 75 to a point near Boundary Campground and the beginning of Trail Creek Road—to the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley. The Idaho Transportation Board is scheduled to consider approval of the transfer when it convenes April 21-22, Hendricks said.

Under the plan, the first one-third mile—from Main Street in Ketchum to the city limits—would be transferred from state ownership to Ketchum, and the next 3.3 miles would be transferred to Sun Valley. As part of the plan, Sun Valley would use state funding included in the deal—estimated to be about $3.3 million—to rebuild the road and complete other improvements identified as necessary. That work is tentatively scheduled for 2022.

The city might have to conduct some basic maintenance on the road—which has numerous potholes—before the transfer is finalized, Hendricks said.

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