Crews have expanded the number of ongoing road and path projects in Sun Valley during the past week, with new work commencing on Juniper Road.

The projects entail rehabilitation and paving for roads and the bike path, culverts, Americans With Disabilities Act accessibility improvements, installing curb and gutters and raising and lowering manholes.

The crews are working on Elkhorn Road, which is closed from Skyline Drive to South Village Way except for local traffic. Traffic is detoured onto Village Way, and the bike path remains closed from Skyline Drive to South Village.

Crews were working on replacing the culverts on Elkhorn Road and installing new curb and gutters, according to an update from the city of Sun Valley.

The work is part of a $17.5 million bond measure passed by voters in November 2017.

The work on Juniper Road started the week of May 27, and once that’s wrapped up the crews will shift their focus to Parker Gulch Road, Defiance Street, Keystone Street and Independence Creek Road, according to the city update. Crews have to wait for the soils to completely dry out in the Twin Creeks area, and once that happens, they will return and finish additional road work.

The work is occurring between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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