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Ari Goldstein, who spent significant time in the Wood River Valley growing up, is now entering law school at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ari Goldstein knew when he set out to research the history of Jews in South Central Idaho that he was venturing into generally uncharted territories.

“I think that most people don’t think of ‘Jews’ and ‘Idaho’ in the same sentence, and that probably includes most Idahoans,” he said with a laugh. “But Jews have served as governors, postmasters, school principals and philanthropists, among other things.”

Goldstein counts himself as the most recent of a handful of people to research the subject. On Aug. 3, he presented the summation of his work to a crowd of about 150 at The Community Library. This comes at a pivotal time for the Wood River Jewish Community, which is slated to open the doors to its new synagogue in the next calendar year.

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