Sun Valley Lake, drought

The Sun Valley Resort is dredging Sun Valley Lake this month to address the buildup of sand, silt and debris on the lake bottom, which has caused the lake to become shallower and unusable for summer boating activities.

Sun Valley Company will begin dredging the north end of Sun Valley Lake today, Monday, Oct. 18, according to Sun Valley City Clerk Nancy Flannigan.

“Due to an accumulation of sediment and silt, the lake has become unusable for the resort's summer paddle boating activities," Flannigan stated. "The dredging is routine maintenance in preparation for next summer."

A large quantity of muck, sediment and debris will be excavated from the lake and hauled to a storage site adjacent to the Sun Valley Employee Dormitories parking lot off Horseman's Center Road.

The project is expected to last through October, Flannigan said, creating more traffic on Dollar Road.

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