The group Get Immunized, Idaho and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are suggesting parents make sure they and their children are up to date on their immunizations, amid the highest number of reported U.S. measles cases since 1994.

     According to Get Immunized, Idaho, a partner of the Idaho Immunization Coalition, a nonprofit that aims to enhance the existing immunization system in Idaho, more than 700 measles cases have been reported nationwide this year. Cases have been confirmed in 22 states, three of which border Idaho.

     The CDC suggests parents follow the recommended schedule of vaccinations for their children: Children 12 to 15 months old should get their first dose of the MMR vaccine, and ages 4 to 6 should get their second dose. In addition, if a child, teen or adult has not been vaccinated, speak with a doctor immediately. Adults working in high-risk situations, such as with school children, health-care personnel and international travelers, should get two doses if they’ve never been vaccinated.

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