Following speculation that construction would resume on actor and former part-time Wood River Valley resident Bruce Willis’ airport, Soldier Field Airport, in rural Camas County after a construction notice was filed with the Federal Aviation Administration, no conditional-use permit for the airport was submitted with the county and no construction has taken place.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a Form 7480-1—which “requires all persons to notice the FAA at least 90 days before construction, alteration, activation, deactivation, or change to the status”—was filed for the Soldier Field Airport on March 1 by Jeffery Hogan, a project manager for the airport and a civil engineer for Jviation Inc.

In an email from Camas County Planning & Zoning Administrator Dwight Butlin on Sept. 9, Butlin confirmed that no conditional-use permit had been submitted to the Planning & Zoning Commission, the first step that would be required for any further airport development on Willis’ property.

Camas County Commission decided in January to change the zoning ordinance for airports and airstrips from principal designated use on Agriculture-80-zoned land to a conditional-use, reversing a decision made by commissioners in 2017 to make airports a principal use.

The majority of the proposed runway is in an area zoned Ag-80, but in April 2018 Ketchum attorney Ben Worst, who represents a few Fairfield-area residents, noticed that a portion of the runway was in Ag-5, an area that does not allow for airports or airstrips as a principal or a conditional-use. Meaning that if construction were to resume, the airstrip would need to be adjusted to be solely in Ag-80, or a change on the zoning restrictions in Ag-5 would need to occur at the Planning & Zoning Commission level followed by a public hearing and a recommendation to the Camas County Commission.

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