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The proposed airstrip would be located about 15 miles south of Stanley, across from Fourth of July and Champion creeks. The applicant’s property is outlined in yellow.

The Custer County Planning and Zoning Commission voted May 6 to issue a conditional-use permit for a private airstrip south of Stanley.

Michael and Amanda Boren had requested the permit for an airstrip on their property at 17400 state Highway 75, about 15 miles south of Stanley. P&Z members listened to public comment on the matter at a hearing on April 1 and made their decision on whether to approve the permit at a separate meeting a month later.

Opponents of the proposal, including members of the Blaine County Board of County Commissioners, argued that planes flying in and out would disrupt the natural environment of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Critics also pointed out that the Borens appeared to have already constructed the air strip on their property prior to obtaining permission from county officials. Proponents said the airstrip could prove useful in emergency situations.

The P&Z issued the permit to Boren under the condition that he could not expand the airport in the future. The commission approved the strip for “limited” personal and emergency use, though it did not place specific limits on the number of flights.

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