The city of Stanley has replaced its dozen-plus streetlights with lower-Kelvin LED lighting, a spokesperson from the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve reported Monday.

     “This is a big step and real accomplishment for the community,” reserve planning member Carol Cole told the Express. “The lower you go [in Kelvin], the less eye strain you have, and less harmful blue light is emitted.”

     According to the International Dark Sky Association, blue light (higher Kelvin) presents a number of hazards for both human health and the environment.

     “Outdoor lighting with strong blue content is likely to worsen skyglow because it has a significantly larger geographic reach than lighting consisting of less blue,” the organization’s website states. “Blue-rich white light sources are also known to increase glare and compromise human vision … and adversely affect wildlife behavior and reproduction.”

     The streetlight overhaul occurred in the last month, Cole said.

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