The South Central Public Health District is taking the month of September, National Preparedness Month, to urge residents to take steps to be ready for any number of disasters that could strike at any time, whether that be a natural disaster, or a disease outbreak.

     The Health District encouraged families on Tuesday to create a 72-hour emergency kit that includes medications, water cleaning tablets, epi pens and hand sanitizer, along with backup batteries or a backup plan for loved ones who are dependent on electrical equipment—and anything else that your family might need.

     In addition, community members should stay up to date with immunizations.

     “This year, the U.S. watched as communities in more than half of our nation’s states fought measles epidemics. Some families were quarantined in their homes for weeks, while others faced unexpected medical bills,” the district stated.

     For more information on emergency kits and how to make an emergency plan, visit

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