Hailey’s Senior Connection staged its first Senior Connection Games on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 15-16, at several sites. The medal winners were:


Pickleball Round-Robin

Overall winners

Gold: Arlen Chaney. Silver: Dede Morris. Bronze: Sharon Rinker and Nancy Resko (tie).

Age bracket winners

50-59: Gold: Sharon Rinker. Silver: Christy McPherson. Bronze: Teresa Lipman.

60-69: Gold: Dede Morris. Silver: Nancy Resko. Bronze: Terry Choma.

70-79: Gold: Bonnie Lazzarini. Silver: Sandra Flattery.

80+: Gold: Arlen Chaney. Silver: Peter Jarvis. Bronze: Sally Jarvis.

Team competition

Gold: Robbie Englehart and Tom Bowman.

Silver: Gail Walker and John Heinrich.

Bronze: Patti Lousen and DeeDee Hansen.


Dollar Hill Climb

Overall Winners

Gold: Erin Buell. Silver: Sue Engelmann. Bronze: Carol Monteverde.

Age bracket winners

50-59: Gold: Erin Buell. Silver: Ed Sellers. Bronze: Mike Treshow.

60-69: Gold: Vivian Soderholm-Difatte. Silver: Leslee Treshow.

70-79: Gold: Carol Monteverde. Silver: Grace Dyck. Bronze: Sharon Parker.

80+: Gold: Bing Olbum.


8-Ball Tournament

Round Robin

Gold: Christy McPherson. Silver: Chris Evans. Bronze: Darlene Dyer.

Women’s Division

Gold: Christy McPherson. Silver: Darlene Dyer.

Men’s Division

Gold: Chris Evans. Silver: Eric Bergland.


Golf Tournament

Men’s Age Bracket

50-54: Gold: Jack Dies.

60-64: Gold: Bob Dunn.

65-69: Gold: Terry Robertson. Silver: Bill Hoehn.

70-74: Gold: John Wolcott. Silver: Jim Worthy. Bronze: Mike Quinn.

75+: Gold: Dick Fenton

Women’s Age Bracket

60-64: Gold: Gina Wolcott. Silver: Terry Seigel. Bronze: Robin Robertson.

65-69: Gold: Georgie Fenton. Silver: Barbara Williams. Bronze: Jan Worthy.

70-74: Gold: Sue Woodyard. Silver: Jan Quinn. Bronze: Trish Wilson.

75+: Gold: Juli Webb. Silver: Jeanne Mace. Bronze: Carolyn Benson.


Cornhole Bag Toss

Singles, age bracket

50-59: Gold: Leslie Silva. Silver: Christy McPherson. Bronze: Tom Wynn.


Gold: Dennis Coleman. Silver: Betty Grant.

80+: Gold: Katie Heapy. Silver: Kiki Devan.

Team, age bracket

60-69: Gold: Gail Walker and John Heinrich. Silver: Tewa Evans and Greg Vaughn.

70-79: Gold: Tewa Evans and Greg Vaughn. Silver: Leslie Mincks and Trish Wilson.

80+: Gold: Betty Grant and Kiki Devan. Silver: Shirley Huntington and Susan Canham. Bronze: Jan and Bruce Augustus.

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