Sun Valley Resort has issued a reminder that portions of Bald Mountain remain closed for recreational uses through Sept. 30.

    The resort and the U.S. Forest Service are doing glading work in the Frenchman’s area of Baldy between Graduate and Can-Can runs, closing the French Connection trail, the Traverse Trail, the Roundhouse Connector and a portion of the Bald Mountain Trail in the area. A detour has been set up for the summer on the Bald Mountain Trail. The closed areas are marked off with signs and ropes.

The glading work will remove vegetation and trees, which will reduce fire risks while increasing the amount of gladed skiing. The mountain will have 81 acres total this winter, an increase of 18 acres.

Ketchum District Ranger Kurt Nelson said the Forest Service issued five citations over the weekend for people violating the closure. Each citation includes a $150 fine and a $30 processing charge, for $180 total.

He said work was temporarily suspended last week because a hiker on a closed portion of the Bald Mountain Trail was almost hit by a felled tree. Crews have also had trouble with people ignoring directives to leave the closed areas.

    “You’ve got a feller up there that’s dropping trees,” Nelson said. “We encourage people to read the signs and make the right choices.”

Resort spokeswoman Kelli Lusk said the closures are in effect 24 hours a day, but alternative routes on the mountain, include the Warm Springs Trail, Cold Springs Trail and lift-served mountain biking trails like Lupine, Saddle Up, River Run, Mindbender and Pale Rider, remain open. The Roundhouse Express gondola and Christmas lift operate from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

    “In order for use to be able to do this project, we need this area to be closed,” Lusk said. “They’re clearing out a lot of the fuels that can be used in forest fires.”

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