Sun Valley Resort may be calling it a year on Baldy this Sunday, but the Blaine County Recreation District hopes to keep the ski season alive deep into spring.

“We’re trying to go as long as we can—a couple more weeks, at least up north,” Eric Rector, director of trails and facilities, said Monday.

It all depends on snow. Last week, the BCRD shut down the Quigley Nordic and Lake Creek systems due to conditions, according to Executive Director Jim Keating. Galena Lodge closed on April 6, though its trails are still being groomed.

Keating said all Nordic trails north of the SNRA headquarters are still open and open to future grooming.

“As both temperatures increase and snow levels decrease in coming weeks, I would expect us to start to move to a reduced grooming schedule for remaining trails and also start to close trail systems further south, with select Galena trails being the last ones available,” he said.

In other words, watch the weather and get your laps in while you can.

“It’s so hard to say,” Rector said. “If it turns 50 and rainy, it could only be a couple more days.”

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