Rattlesnake encounters are possible anywhere south of East Fork Road, according to local veterinary offices and snake expert Alan Rickers.  Recently, the reptiles have been sighted in Woodside subdivision and western Hailey.

With the south valley’s rattlesnake population mostly dispersed for the summer, the regional Fish and Game office is encouraging Hailey and Bellevue residents to know local hunting regulations and take extra precautions to keep themselves and their pets safe.

Great Basin rattlesnakes dispersed from their dens—or “hibernacula”—in search of ground squirrels, gophers and small rabbits around Memorial Day this year, according to local snake expert Alan Rickers. Recently, the reptiles have shown up in Woodside subdivision backyards and gardens. They have also made appearances in Hailey’s Old Cutters subdivision and the Quigley Canyon, Indian Creek and Democrat Gulch areas.

“Snake country is anywhere south of East Fork [Road],” said Rickers, who has been studying Blaine County’s Great Basin rattlesnakes for over 16 years.

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