Approximately 52,000 Idahoans have enrolled in the Medicaid expansion program, according to Reclaim Idaho, the nonpartisan volunteer organization responsible for getting the expansion on the November 2018 ballot.

     “Idahoans voted for their friends, families and neighbors when they approved Medicaid expansion,” Reclaim Idaho Executive Director Rebecca Schroeder said.

     “They protected their votes in the months following election day when the state Legislature tried to take healthcare away from so many people. The fight for Medicaid expansion says so much about our great state and our residents on a number of levels.

     Idaho joined 36 other states and the District of Columbia by passing Medicaid expansion. The goal is to close the so-called Medicaid gap, which consists of people who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but too little to receive federal help to buy insurance.

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