For competitors racing the Baldy Hill Climb on Saturday, the trip back down was the hardest part.            

     Mechanical issues stalled the Challenger chairlift for more than an hour, according to witnesses, leaving thin-clad runners exposed to the frigid weather after the 3,000-vertical-foot race up Warm Springs.

     The Ketchum and Sun Valley fire departments responded at 1:45 p.m. to a possible evacuation, and 20 firefighters were ready to team up with Sun Valley Co. staff to unload the lift midair, according to Ketchum Assistant City Administrator Lisa Enourato.

     It wouldn’t be necessary. “Moments before” crews were to launch the operation, the chair started moving once more, Enourato said. At the bottom, racers were monitored for hypothermia. No one was transported for further medical care.

     “There were some issues with the chair, but they got it up and running,” Sun Valley spokeswoman Kelli Lusk said. “The important thing is that everyone got off the mountain safely.”

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