Bald Mountain’s Cold Springs Trail will be closed starting Monday, Aug. 19, as Sun Valley, U.S. Forest Service and BLM crews kick off a suite of projects on the hill, part of their ongoing Healthy Forests Initiative and planned expansion of the resort’s skiable terrain.

     The first phase includes tree-thinning on 22 acres in the Cold Springs drainage, prepping the area in advance of installing a new chairlift next summer. The trail will be closed throughout the duration of the project, according to Sun Valley spokeswoman Kelli Lusk. Right now, machines are scheduled to move out on Monday, Aug. 26.

     Then, they’ll move over to Frenchman’s, to glade out 17 acres between Can-Can and French Dip, and another 17 acres between Can-Can and Graduate. That’s scheduled to take two weeks, beginning Aug. 26. Work in Frenchman’s will close off the Traverse Trail, French Connection and the Roundhouse Connector for four weeks, according to the resort.

     The Bald Mountain Trail, which runs from River Run all the way to the summit, will be rerouted while work is in progress, adding some length to the trail. The trail will also be closed for three days of racing: The Discrete Cirque Series, a long alpine run, on Aug. 24; and, the Full Tilt Enduro mountain bike event on Sept. 6-7.

     In conjunction with the Forest Service’s Healthy Forests Initiative, the tree thinning on Baldy is aimed to reduce fuel for wildfires and promote the long-term prospects for the forest, Lusk said.

Sun Valley is expected to close Baldy’s lift-served summer season on Sept. 8. 

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