Jenny Emery Davidson mug

Jenny Emery Davidson

In the basement of The Community Library is a chilly, climate-controlled archive room, lined with high-density compact shelves that contain many of the Wood River Valley’s greatest treasures. On one is the original painting of 1948 Olympic Gold Medalist Gretchen Fraser atop Baldy, which has become one of the most iconic and serialized images associated with Sun Valley. Directly across from that is a framed letter from Ernest Hemingway to a friend, with much more colorful language than readers of his fiction works might expect. On an adjacent shelf is a photo book with original prints of celebrities at the resort—enjoying food and drinks, skiing Dollar and everything in between.

“There are 25 years worth of stuff—from 1989, when the Regional History Museum started, to 2014 when The Community Library took it over—that had to, and still has to, be sorted, cataloged and archived,” Community Library Executive Director Jenny Emery Davidson said.

In charge of that effort are Davidson and Mary Tyson, director of the Jeanne Rodger Lane Center for Regional History. The library is in the process of preparing to move the Sun Valley-Ketchum Regional History Museum from its longtime home in Forest Service Park to a new mixed-use building under construction across the street from the library.

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