MSCL hosts inaugural Pickleball Tournament 1 (copy)

Pickleball—seen here at the Valley Club—is one of the country’s fastest growing sports.

Much to the dismay of Ketchum’s vocal pickleball community, who showed up in droves to Monday’s City Council meeting, the mixed-use tennis and pickleball court at Atkinson Park will remain the way it is and will not be converted to a full time pickleball layout.

“I don’t think the tennis community is decreasing enough to warrant us removing tennis courts. I would rather build new pickleball courts,” Councilmember Courtney Hamilton said. “So, as of now, I would rather leave it as a mixed use court.”

The council initially supported the idea of improving sight lines on the mixed use court with bright colored striping, but Park and Recreation Director John Kearney said that would likely just cause more confusion.

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