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The Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission approved this five-unit condominium on West Second Street project earlier in June.

A new five-unit condominium project has been approved for construction in downtown Ketchum.

The project is at 180 W. Second St., near Second Avenue, and is called the Second and Second Building. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to approve the design on June 10. Commissioner Kurt Eggers recused himself from the deliberation.

The development will replace an existing small apartment complex built in 1961. Because the building is older than 50 years, the developer must publish a notice of intent to demolish a historic building and then wait for 60 days. That 60-day period will conclude on July 9, according to a city staff report.

The new project is proposed by a company called KKL, which hired Mike Brunelle of Hailey-based Brunelle Architects to produce the design.

The new project will include four housing units, an enclosed first-floor parking garage and a 402-square-foot community-housing studio, which will also be on the first floor.

The garage will be 1,246 square feet, large enough for four spaces. The first floor will have a second, market-rate studio that will be 640 square feet. The second-floor housing unit will be 2,547 square feet, and a third- and fourth-floor unit will be 3,035 square feet.

The two larger units will require two parking spaces each, for a total of four. The other two units are exempted from requiring parking because they’re under 750 square feet and in Ketchum’s Community Core zoning district.

The allowed floor-area ratio is 1.0 in the Community Core, but city ordinance provides an allowance for developers to go beyond that if they contribute community housing.

The project’s FAR calculation is 2.05, which triggers the city’s community-housing ordinance. If converted to a fee, that obligation would be $156,000.

However, the developer proposed to include the 402-square-foot community-housing studio and make a payment of $60,214 to the city’s in-lieu housing fund.

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