Ketchum’s Planning and Zoning Commission voiced its approval to city staff on Tuesday to simplify the pre-application process for building development in a move meant to decrease redundancy and improve communication between developers and city hall.

Planning and Building Department Director Morgan Landers said that the goal is for the process to be more collaborative from the beginning. The revised requirements for pre-application design review would include a project narrative, conceptual site plan with landscaping details, elevations and floor plans, photos of the materials that might be used and a limited 3-D rendering that depicts the building within the context of its surroundings. For projects in the mountain overlay district, a conceptual grading and drainage plan is required, too.

“What we want to get away from is having multiple pre-application meetings, because then you start to get the presumption of approval,” Landers said. “I had a conversation with the city attorney about that. Whether it’s pre-application or final design review, you don’t want to be in more than two discussions because if there is something that substantive that you can’t get over, then that probably warrants a denial.”

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