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The city of Ketchum has proposed a new fire station that would have four vehicle bays in the center flanked by offices and equipment rooms.

Anyone who missed the city of Ketchum’s open house this week about a proposed bond measure to fund a new fire station needn’t worry—the city has five more planned before Election Day on Nov. 5.

Voters will decide on a bond measure of $10.7 million, which would fund construction of a new station on the dirt lot north of the Wood River Community YMCA off Saddle Road.

The city held its first open house about the proposal Tuesday at City Hall, providing information about the station’s design configuration, what will happen between now and Election Day and soliciting public input about the project.

The new station would offer more than double the space of the current East Avenue station—14,530 square feet on Saddle Road, versus 6,080 square feet on East Avenue.

It would be large enough to have four drive-through bays that could hold ambulances, fire engines and other vehicles.

The city solicited input on additional expenses that would reduce the station’s environmental impact or add covered parking in the rear of the property. Secured parking for the Police Department would be accommodated elsewhere in Ketchum, and the city stated that housing for firefighters would be included in a future affordable housing project.

The options included spending $33,000 to construct a covered parking structure that features four spaces in the rear of the property, $172,000 to obtain a LEED Silver certification, $289,000 to obtain a LEED Gold certification and $406,000 to obtain a LEED Platinum certification.

With a 25-year repayment period and a 3.5 percent interest rate, the city estimates that a $10 million bond will result in an annual increase of $20 per $100,000 of assessed value for property owners. A $12.5 million bond would result in an annual increase of $25 for $100,000 of assessed value and a $15 million bond would result in an annual increase of $30 per $100,000 of assessed value.

If the bond is approved, the city would begin construction in May 2020 and finish by summer 2021.

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