Ketchum’s community core will have new segments of sidewalks soon, thanks to a contract approved by the Ketchum City Council on Monday.

The contract with Gooding-based Allen Construction is for a total amount of $373,799, counting project contingencies and lighting. Allen’s base bid was for $301,039, according to a city staff report.

That cost will shrink due to some last-minute changes the council agreed to on Monday night.

The original bid included installing an L-shaped segment of sidewalk on the northeastern corner of First Avenue and Seventh Street, north of the new Sun Valley Dental Arts building.

However, the council balked at constructing the section on First Avenue because it doesn’t connect to Eighth Street and the Hemingway STEAM School.

The city will commence with the original bid because it’s a not-to-exceed amount, but will remove the Seventh Street segment, City Administrator Suzanne Frick said Monday.

“It’s a not-to-exceed that number,” Frick said. “What is the maximum? Then we can work down with the contractor.”

That will be expanded and included in a subsequent bid package. Monday’s contract is the first phase of sidewalk projects that the city hopes to construct in partnership with the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency.

The contract with Allen Construction will build a sidewalk on the north side of Fifth Street just west of First Avenue, to connect to an existing sidewalk in front of the building that will become Ketchum’s next City Hall. A small segment will be built on the east side of First Avenue north of Sixth Street, near Sun Valley Dental Arts.

Another segment of sidewalk will be built along the west side of Washington Avenue between Fifth and Fourth streets.

Work on the sidewalk construction projects should commence in mid-May, depending on weather conditions.

The city also plans to acquire new solar-powered street lights for the project, which is estimated to cost $42,600, according to a staff report. The contingency will cost $30,100.

The next phase of sidewalk projects will include installing an L-shaped segment on the northeast corner of Washington Avenue and Seventh Street extending to Warm Springs Road. A half-block section will be built on the south side of Seventh Street just west of Warm Springs Road. Installing those segments would cost $398,533, according to estimates from Allen Construction. They are not funded in the contract the City Council approved Monday.

The city is jointly funding the work with the KURA.

The city will seek $250,000 in funding from the KURA during its May 20 board of commissioners meeting.

The city plans to allocate $123,799 from the city budget’s general capital improvement fund during fiscal 2019.

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