The Ketchum City Council, Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission and Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency each locked in leadership positions on Monday.

City Council

    Following the December swearing-in of Councilman Jim Slanetz, Councilman Michael David took the oath of office on Monday. David also passed his title of council president to Councilwoman Amanda Breen following a unanimous vote.

    “In this role, I’ve gotten to be acting mayor a couple times, and I’ve enjoyed it,” David said.

P&Z Commission

    Chairman Neil Morrow was officially reappointed to the Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission by Mayor Neil Bradshaw and the City Council, with a term expiring in 2023.

    Morrow was previously appointed to the P&Z in 2017 by former Mayor Nina Jonas. The chairman’s background is in both real estate and law—he worked on redevelopment projects in the Pittsburgh area and has worked as an attorney in Ketchum.

 Morrow currently serves as board vice president of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club.


Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency Commissioners Jim Slanetz and Susan Scovell, both of whom joined the agency in 2016, were reappointed to the board after their terms ended. Resident Carson Palmer will take the place of Cameron Packer, who recently resigned from the board. Packer’s term extends until Feb. 21, 2021.

    The KURA is currently governed by seven commissioners, two of whom are Ketchum City Council members and focuses on downtown revitalization and community housing.

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