Following exceptionally strong snowfall in February, Ketchum’s local-option tax receipts showed a 10 percent, year-over-year increase in the months of March, April and May.

The city’s total revenue was $499,474 in that period, compared with $451,075 in the same months in 2018. That amounted to a 10.73 percent increase.

Liquor-by-the-drink sales netted $59,437 in 2019, compared with $54,053 in 2018.

Retail receipts aside from groceries brought in $301,823, compared with $278,601 in the year prior.

Room receipts generated $40,291 in revenue, compared with $38,864 in 2018.

Condominium receipts generated $29,643, compared with $16,303 the year before.

Building material receipts also grew, to $68,272 in March, April and May of 2019, compared with $63,247 in the same months in 2018.

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