The Ketchum City Council is scheduled to review and discuss two initiatives to address the shortage of affordable, long-term housing in the Wood River Valley on Tuesday, July 6.

Mayor Neil Bradshaw and the City Council will conduct a public hearing on the two initiatives in a meeting at 4 p.m. at City Hall.

The first initiative is a recommendation from city staff that council members approve an emergency ordinance to allow the short-term use of recreational vehicles on private property. The proposed ordinance has been declared an “action item” and will likely be voted on by the City Council.

Currently, camping is not permitted in residential zones. The proposed ordinance would allow certain locally employed people and caregivers to occupy an RV on private property in all residential and tourist zoning districts in the city, subject to approval of an administrative use permit. The occupancy would be limited to six months per year, with no occupancy allowed from Nov. 30 to March 15. Short-term, vacation-type rentals would not be permitted.

The second initiative is a request that council members provide direction to city staff on a draft ordinance that enacts new regulations on short-term rentals in the city. The draft ordinance requires that operators of short-term rentals obtain a permit and proposes that the number of permits for short-term rentals be limited.

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