The Ketchum Farmers’ Market will be on the move in 2019.

The market’s new location will be in the permit parking lot at the River Run base of Bald Mountain, right off the Wood River Trail multi-use path, Wood River Farmers’ Market Association board President Katie Zubia said in an interview Wednesday.

The market’s hours and dates will remain the same, on Tuesdays from 2-6 p.m. The market will begin Tuesday, June 11, and run through Oct. 8.

The market in Hailey will be from 2-6 p.m. on Thursdays from June 13 to Sept. 26. It will be located in the grass lot just north of Sturtevants, off of Main Street.

Last year, the Ketchum market was forced to relocate from its accustomed home on Fourth Street and East Avenue due to a construction project. The market relocated to Town Square, which prompted concern from Mayor Neil Bradshaw and the city administration.

The city government decided to find a new location for the market, and offered the use of Forest Service Park and the parking lot at First Street and Washington Avenue.

In a letter to Zubia on March 25, Assistant City Administrator Lisa Enourato said the city’s move was prompted by:

  • Concern from residents and nearby businesses about use and congestion of alleyways, road closures and increased traffic.

  • Set-up for the market displaced visitors and users in Town Square.

  • Fire regulations and ADA requirements were not met due to constraints with the setup space.

Enourato wrote that she hoped the market board would reconsider its decision to move out of downtown Ketchum, and believes the alternative spots would dovetail with nearby events and attractions such as Ketch’em Alive, the Limelight Hotel and the Argyros Performing Arts Center.

The market paid $3,400 in fees last year to the city government. Enourato wrote that the city was willing to decrease those fees to $2,253.

“The city would also help advertise the new location with its changeable roadside sign board and through the city’s social media and newsletter,” Enourato wrote. “The city of Ketchum fully supports and values the farmers’ market in the downtown core. We hope to continue working together to find solutions that balance the needs of the farmers’ market and the local businesses, some of whom are also market vendors.”

Zubia said Sun Valley Co. approached the market and offered use of the permit lot. The lot has ample parking and easy access off the Wood River Trail, and offers sweeping views of Baldy and the Big Wood River. She said the market’s location at River Run will merge with the resort’s suite of summertime activities there, including hiking, gondola trips, mountain biking, yoga and others.

“The river’s there, Baldy’s there,” Zubia said. “You can get some lunch, go sit down by the river or go up on the gondola. Change was inevitable on the location. We had to keep in mind what was in the best interest for the market.”

She said the market board met Wednesday to discuss how to publicize the new location, and believes it was the best move for the market. She said a return to Fourth Street and East Avenue was not going to happen.

“It was made clear to us that we wouldn’t be able to return to that area,” Zubia said. “We don’t want to focus on negative things that have happened with Ketchum. We don’t want to make them look bad. We’re appreciative that the city of Ketchum has given us the opportunity to be located in downtown (in the past). It wasn’t like we were mad and that’s why we just left.”

She said the market’s board is informing vendors and getting ready for the summer business season.

“It would be nice to move to this new location and leave the negativity behind,” Zubia said. “We’re excited. We’re positive. We want it to be a fun event for our vendors and our customers.”

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