The Ketchum City Council approved on Monday a two-month extension to its franchise agreement with Clear Creek Disposal for garbage and recycling services in the city.

The extension—from Aug. 2 through Oct. 1—was planned to allow the city additional time to complete its due-diligence activities before finalizing a new 10-year franchise agreement with the company. The city has already enacted one short-term extension, which started on May 2 and is set to expire Aug. 1.

One reason cited for the extension is to allow the city additional time to research and develop a plan for installing a cardboard compacter near the YMCA on Saddle Road, where cardboard recycling receptacles have become an eyesore and management problem.

The city is also studying rate adjustments. Clear Creek has proposed a 14% rate increase for existing services. New services could bring additional costs.

The city’s plan—which will be reviewed in public at a future date—includes transitioning from the cardboard-dropoff system to use of the compacter, to evaluate new trash and recycling containers downtown, and to offer customers an option to purchase wildlife-proof containers for their homes.

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