Fourth Street

The Fourth Street closure is intended to provide pedestrians with an easy way to maintain social distancing.

The Ketchum City Council met in person for the first time since March 16 in its chambers Monday evening, the first step toward reopening City Hall and creating a new normal of social distancing measures to protect elected officials and the public.

Ten people were in the room, according to Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw who counted up the individuals when the meeting started. No members of the public were in the room, and will only be allowed in at future meetings to give public comment and then will be asked to step outside the room to maintain sufficient distance from city employees and council members.

Following an update on progress of the city’s new fire station to be built on Saddle Road, the council voted unanimously to close two blocks of Fourth Street between Walnut and Leadville avenues until Thanksgiving or when the first snow falls, to eliminate vehicle traffic and create a pedestrian and cyclist corridor.

Ultimately, the council and mayor hope to close all of Fourth Street permanently if this experimental closure goes well.

The street will be closed immediately, with planters blocking vehicle access until bollards are placed there long term.

In other Ketchum news, the council unanimously approved a COVID-19 mitigation plan for the 52nd annual Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival, to take place at Atkinson Park on Aug. 6-9.

“They have an excellent COVID plan,” said Bradshaw, who admitted he was keen to see this event happen.

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