Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival

The Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival—which takes place in Ketchum—was one of many events canceled in 2020. It'll be back this summer.

The Ketchum City Council on Monday issued permission for three major events in summer 2021 that were hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

As part of a unanimous vote to approve numerous actions by city staff, council members granted conditional permission for the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, the Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival and the Sun Valley Tour de Force to conduct all or part of the events in the city. Due to restrictions and health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sun Valley Wellness Festival conducted a virtual, online-only event in 2020. The Tour de Force—a three-day charity event that includes car displays and speed tests on state Highway 75 north of Ketchum—and the Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival were both canceled in 2020.

The permission from the city for activities in city limits is conditioned on health measures being followed and stipulates that approval of the events could be rescinded at any time prior to the start dates because of COVID-19 or other anticipated negative effects on public health.

The Wellness Festival is scheduled for June 25-27, with some events to take place in person and others virtually. The event’s Experience Park—which features booths offering wellness-related services, products and education—will be set up in city-owned Forest Service Park.

The Tour de Force is scheduled for July 22-24, with a “scenic drive” being staged from central Ketchum. The Arts & Crafts Festival—scheduled for Aug. 12-15—is planned to include approved vendors from numerous states in city-owned Atkinson Park.

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