Downtown Ketchum; budget caption

Ketchum has a planned budget of approximately $35 million for fiscal year 2023, which starts Oct. 1, 2022.

Ketchum leaders heard public comments Monday on the city’s proposed fiscal year 2023 budget of approximately $35.3 million before agreeing to have staff schedule official votes to adopt the spending plan in the coming weeks.

The City Council is tentatively scheduled to consider approving a first public reading of an ordinance to set the budget on Aug. 1. Council members must approve three readings of the budget ordinance for the spending plan to be fully ratified.

The draft budget includes staff pay increases, funding for capital improvement projects and significant allocations for Mountain Rides bus service and emergency services. It allocates approximately $12.5 million to the city’s General Fund, which covers the day-to-day expenses of the city. In the General Fund, 21% of spending—about $2.6 million—would be dedicated to fire and rescue services, while 16.5%—about $2 million—would go to police services.

Ketchum advances $35.3 million budget

Ketchum’s fiscal 2023 budget would allocate about $2.6 million to fire and rescue services, and about $2 million would go to police services.

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