Housing protest

Dozens of people gathered in Ketchum Town Square on Saturday to highlight the need for workforce housing in the Wood River Valley. The Occupy Town Square Rally was organized by Ketchum resident Kris Gilarowski to demonstrate support for new community-housing projects—including the proposed Bluebird Village development in Ketchum—and to demonstrate to elected officials the challenges the working class of the Wood River Valley face in securing affordable housing.

Above: Gilarowski, center-right, and Reid Stillman, right, joined others in speaking about a severe lack of affordable housing in the community, how it has forced many working residents to move away and how some businesses subsequently face staffing shortages. “I’m here to say we have got to do something now,” said speaker Matt Gorby, a longtime Wood River Valley resident. “We cannot keep kicking this can down the road—because whatever we start today isn’t going to be finished tomorrow. … We are in a crisis and we have to do something right now.”

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