Perrys replacement

A view of the proposed building on the former site of Perry's restaurant from the First Avenue side.

Ketchum’s City Council has a full slate on Monday, highlighted by a discussion on the community housing contributions at the project slated to replace the Perry’s building.

On Monday, the project applicant will present their plan for community housing, which will target an average income category of 4.6—just above the average of 4 requested by the City Council at a meeting earlier this spring.

The income categories defined by Ketchum start at 1 and end at 6, moving up in 20% increments all the way to 120% of area median income. Category 4 represents 60-80% of the area median income. A lengthy discussion on whether that 4.6 figure meets the community’s needs is expected. The applicant is submitting a plan that includes four Category 4 homes, two Category 5 homes and one Category 6 unit.

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