Sean Temple, center, has cooked in New York, on Cape Cod, in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon and, for the last four years, in Ketchum. Like many others in the restaurant industry, though, work has been hard to come by since the outbreak of COVID-19. For the past few weeks, he has occupied himself by collecting groceries for his fellow food-service employees, with remarkable results. At noon on Thursday, Temple and a band of 10 volunteers distributed 350 packages totaling some 5,000 pounds of food—enough to fill a 27-foot refrigerated truck contributed to the cause by Sun Valley Company—behind the BoHo Lounge in downtown Ketchum. By 12:20, they had gone through about half of that allotment. Feeding people in the food business seemed appropriate to Temple. “Your work family becomes your family,” he said. “Helping one is better than none, and helping two is even better.”

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