The Family of Woman Film Festival has made its home in Sun Valley for the past 12 years, presenting films that highlight global women’s issues, reproductive health and gender equality, all while benefiting the work and mission of the UNFPA, the United Nation’s agency on reproductive health and rights.

     In recent years, however, the oppressive February weather has taken its toll on the festival. Snowfall has delayed flights, barring filmmakers and speakers from attending, and has impacted audience turnout, as well. This, in turn, has had an adverse effect on the monetary contributions the festival has been able to make to the UNFPA.

     In response to these challenges, the festival organizers will spend the coming months reevaluating the festival schedule, perhaps considering a more amenable and temperate time of year to avoid repeating these issues. This assessment will also consider the cost effectiveness of the festival as it exists in its current format.

     “With gratitude to so many who have made the festival happen all these years, it is with mixed feelings that I must announce that 2019 has been the last edition of the Family of Woman Film Festival in its current format,” said Peggy Goldwyn, Family of Woman Film Festival founder. “I am exploring options for presenting the festival in both Boise and Sun Valley in a different format at a more weather-reliable time of year.”

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