Fourth Street Closure

Ketchum is facing legal action from local businesses over its closure of a section of Fourth Street.

A due process lawsuit against the City of Ketchum has expanded to include a second property along Fourth Street whose owner is claiming damages due to the sudden closure of the road by the Ketchum City Council last month. 

The claimants include Bigwood Square LLC and 440 East Inc., which, according to the court document, own property along Fourth Street. The due process lawsuit, filed on July 15 in Blaine County’s Fifth District Court, asks the judge to give a declaratory judgement in favor of the claimants, ordering the city to reopen Fourth Street.

Ketchum did not notify area businesses prior to the closure, according to the filing. Both parties are seeking $500,000 in damages.

Ketchum city attorney Matthew Johnson told the Mountain Express on Monday that the city has received notice of tort claims regarding the Fourth Street closure and that those notices are still under review and legal evaluation.

The claim states that due to the closure of the two blocks between Walnut and Leadville Avenues, business has been disrupted and traffic congestion has increased in the area. The claimants state that the city failed to notify property owners in the area before making the decision on June 1 to create a pedestrian corridor by closing the street until Thanksgiving. 

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