Ketchum residents awoke on Monday to a spoof solution to the Wood River Valley’s affordable-housing crisis: dumpsters mockingly designed to look like tiny homes. The 10 dumpsters were part of an April Fools’ joke intended to stir the pot and poke fun at a valleywide issue that has spawned heated debates among city officials and residents.

Each of the 10 trash containers, stationed in front of businesses throughout town, displayed the faux company name responsible for the Polly Pocket-size “homes,” Clear Creek Residences—a spoof on the company that owns the dumpsters, Clear Creek Disposal. The fake company came complete with its own website,, which boasted the many benefits of the containers more commonly used to collect garbage.

“The concept is simple—small modular employee units (refurbished dumpsters) built on premises. Each of the units are mobile, giving them ultimate flexibility,” the website states.

Funding for the April Fools’ Day laugh came from a GoFundMe page that raised $1,500 without telling donors much about the planned prank.

“Would you like to be a part of a team that helps fund, create and promotes an idea that is sure to ruffle feathers, provoke a conversation and make a statement? Are you able to look at a serious situation that we face and still find uncomfortable humor? If you answered YES to the above questions, AFI [April Fools Inc.] would love your help in realizing this ambitious undertaking,” the GoFundMe page states.

The pranksters behind the endeavor prefer to remain anonymous, but they are the same ones responsible for previous April Fools’ pranks such as the “Ketchum Cruisers Program,” which was a spoof on the bike share program discontinued by the city, but instead of bikes, the pranksters put out walkers around town to poke fun at the age demographics of Ketchum/Sun Valley.

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