Ketchum Recycling

Contamination has long been a problem at the city's recycling drop-off location at the Wood River Community YMCA. 

The city of Ketchum is asking for public input on recycling improvements to gain increased participation and reduce contamination and other negative impacts.

Ketchum’s franchise agreement with Clear Creek Disposal will be updated and renewed on Aug. 1. The city is evaluating short- and long-term service enhancements. It wants public opinion on the environmental goals and associated fees as new service levels are determined.

Currently, many non-recyclable materials are being placed in the glass and cardboard recycling bins at the community drop-off location at the Wood River Community YMCA, the city stated in a news release. The contamination causes the bins to be disposed of as trash, the city stated.

“The high use of the cardboard dumpsters at the YMCA are producing negative visual impact and the need for added traffic in and out of the site for more pick-ups,” the city stated.

The survey includes questions about current services and replacement of the cardboard bins at the YMCA with a cardboard-compacting system. Long-term enhancements under consideration are comingled recycling, wildlife-proof trash containers and compost recycling.

The survey closes on Friday, June 11.

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