Hotdog Hill

"Hotdog Hill," on Ketchum's Main Street between Fourth and Fifth, is currently vacant. 

Ketchum Planning & Zoning Commissioners will meet Monday to take public comment on five items, including a pre-application design review for a mixed-use building on Main Street between Fourth Street and Fifth Street, a property informally known as “hot dog hill.”

The pre-application was first brought to the commissioner on Jan. 10 and then again on March 9, at which time the commissioners asked the developer to go back to the drawing board and return with more versatility in the structure. The commissioners directed the applicant to improve on three aspects, including creating varying roof heights, to break up the building’s bulk and mass.

A staff report included in the March 9 meeting said, “the building looks like a layered-wedding-cake due to the lack of vertical integration.”

Due to the coronavirus, members of the public are encouraged to give their comment by phone by dialing 253-215-8782, using the meeting ID 977 3938 8087. Comments in person may be made, but speakers will be asked to leave the room after speaking and to observe the meeting outside City Hall.

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