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The Ketchum Planning & Zoning Commission made a snafued attempt at holding a virtual public hearing Tuesday night as the city tries to return to business as usual amid a pandemic.

The three-hour meeting was hampered with technological glitches throughout as one design review applicant couldn’t be heard initially by the virtual audience and one commissioner dropped out of the meeting about halfway through after voicing multiple times that she was having trouble hearing the rest of the commissioners over the virtual platform.

The three public hearing agenda items were all heard, with one of the three applications continued to next month for additional discussion and comment.

A design review application was approved for a design showroom and residence at 111 N. Washington Ave. The demolished Solavie Spa building will be constructed to include a car elevator for parking underground and two levels of residential units, two units on the second floor and a third penthouse unit on the top floor, projected to be 3,305 square feet. The ground floor will house a Mountain Land Design showroom and the basement will include an employee housing unit.

Commissioners Neil Morrow, Mattie Mead, Tim Carter and Kurt Eggers all voted to approve the design review application. Commissioner Jennifer Cosgrove was absent for the vote due to technical difficulties.

The commissioners also approved a lot line shift and building envelope amendment at 425 N. Bigwood Drive and 115 Griffin Court. The approvements allow for building to occur on a 25 percent slope area for a proposed addition at the Bigwood Drive residence, enlarging that property while reducing the property size at 115 Griffin Court. The amended building envelope will allow for a 2,398-square-foot addition to the existing single-family residence.

Finally, a design review application for a duplex at 3020 Warm Springs Road was continued to next month after commissioners asked for a redesign to the exterior north wall. A duplex is currently at the address, but the owners want to demolish that and design a larger townhome-style duplex in its place. The application will be back before the commissioners on June 8.

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