Ketchum city councilors approved four city contracts on Oct. 21.

     These included contracts with Sun Valley Economic Development, Ketchum Community Development Corp., a contract with city prosecutor Frederick Allington and a parking contract with the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency.

  • ·SVED will receive $9,000 from the city for fiscal year 2020, to support its business-development programs.
  • ·KCDC will receive $155,000 from the city, to be divided between the Ketchum Innovation Center ($140,000) and the Ketchum Sustainability Advisory Committee ($15,000).
  • ·Allington will receive $45,239 to preside over misdemeanor cases initiated by the Police Department, Code Enforcement and other city staff.
  • ·KURA, which uses property-tax revenue from real estate developments to help fund infrastructure projects, will receive $3,000 per month for operation of the Washington Avenue parking lot, reflected as a $36,000 license payment in city budget.
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