A new Idaho law passed during the 2019 legislative session takes effect Jan. 1 requiring Idaho drivers to maintain proof of insurance or face registration suspension.

     The law only applies to noncommercial vehicles and requires vehicle owners to provide two consecutive months of insurance. The law excludes trailers and off-highway vehicles.

     According to a frequently asked questions sheet from the Idaho Transportation Department, the department receives data from Idaho-licensed insurance companies that identify each vehicle with coverage. Vehicles belonging to people who have a policy from an out-of-state insurance company may be covered but not reported to ITD. If that is the case, those vehicles may be classified as not having coverage until proof is provided to ITD.

     Drivers who are found to not have insurance will be notified by ITD and have 30 days to provide proof of insurance or provide an exception, or the registration of the uninsured vehicle will be suspended.

     If it is suspended, drivers may get their registration reinstated with both proof of current insurance coverage and payment of a $75 suspension fee.

     For more information on the new law, visit itd.idaho.gov.

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