A new study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that Blaine County ranks No. 2 in overall health outcomes in Idaho, while Ada County—which includes Boise—ranked No. 1.

The study assessed multiple health factors, social and economic factors, access and duration of clinical care, and physical environment.

“The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps brings actionable data, evidence, guidance and stories to communities to make it easier for people to be healthy in their neighborhoods, schools and workplaces,” the report states.

The report comes with detailed suggestions of how to create opportunities for a healthier community.

While Blaine County ranked second in overall Health Outcomes, it ranked first in the category of Health Behaviors, which included the percentage of adult smokers in the county (12 percent as compared to 14 percent statewide) and adult obesity (18 percent compared to 28 percent statewide).

In Physical Factors, Blaine ranked 23 out of the 42 counties ranked. Data collected under this category included air pollution measured by particulate matter in the air, and “severe housing problems,” which was defined in the study as the “percentage of households with at least one of four housing problems: overcrowding, high housing costs, lack of kitchen facilities, or lack of plumbing facilities.” Blaine County measured at 18 percent versus 16 percent statewide.

An additional physical environment data point looked at “severe housing cost burden,” the percentage of households that spend 50 percent or more of their household income on housing. Blaine County measured at 18 percent as compared to 12 percent statewide.

All data used for this study is from 2011 to 2016, the report states.

Neighboring counties Lincoln and Custer ranked 26th and 28th in overall health outcomes. Of the 44 counties in Idaho, two were not ranked: Camas and Clark counties.

For the full report, visit countyhealthrankings.org.

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