Your Health Idaho

Your Health Idaho, the state health-insurance exchange, has extended its special enrollment period through April. It had previously been extended through March.

On the exchange, Idahoans can receive enhanced financial assistance, which lowers monthly premiums.

For the first time, tax credits—which act like an instant discount—could be available for those not previously eligible and will be increased for Idahoans who already receive them, Your Health Idaho stated in a news release.

For some Idahoans, the savings can be significant. For example, a married couple in their 20s making $50,000 a year could pay less than $10 a month and a family of four making $105,000 could pay as little as $200 a month, the organization stated.

“Every Idahoan currently receiving tax credits through Your Health Idaho will see additional savings,” said Pat Kelly, executive director. “In addition, tens of thousands of Idahoans who weren’t eligible to receive financial help before will now be able to access tax credits that can significantly reduce the cost of their health insurance.”

Idahoans who enroll by midnight on April 30 will have coverage beginning May 1. After the April deadline, Idahoans will only be able to enroll in coverage if they experience a “qualifying life event,” such as losing coverage or having a baby.

Idahoans can apply for the tax credit at any time to find out if they are eligible. Your Health Idaho is the only organization that will accept the tax credits to lower monthly insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs, the organization stated. More than 80% of currently enrolled Idahoans qualify for financial assistance. In 2020, one in three people paid $0 per month for coverage, the organization stated. With the enhanced discounts, more than 90% of current Your Health Idaho customers may qualify for assistance.

A list of insurance agents, brokers and enrollment counselors can be found on the Your Health Idaho website at People can also contact Your Health Idaho by phone at 855-944-3246.

Your Health Idaho was established by state law in 2013 to provide an online marketplace where Idaho families and small businesses can go to compare and purchase health insurance. Your Health Idaho is governed by a 19-member board authorized by the Legislature to set rules and regulations for implementing a state-based health-insurance exchange.

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